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Call (530) 626-6789 to reserve your attendance at the Touch for Health 1 Kinesiology workshop August 30-31, 2014 in Folsom, CA at the Courtyard Marriott - Folsom just east of Sacramento and west of Placerville!

International Kinesiology College - holistic health - manual muscle testing.We offer Touch for Health Kinesiology Education and private individual consultations with Lisa Murphy, TNP, PKP, CBT and certified/registerd Touch for Health Instructor and Consultant for your holistic health and wellness goals. 

Touch for Health workshops are currently being offered on weekends in the Northern California area of Folsom just east of Sacramento.  Check Touch for Health page workshop schedule and details.

Touch for Health complete edition - holistic health, bodywork and manual muscle testing.

Lisa Murphy is available by appointment for individual bodywork consultations using manual muscle testing, biofeedback, goal setting and coaching.  Go to the Contact Lisa Murphy page for details on contacting her for an appointment.

Professional Complementary Health Formulas - Natural herbs and Best supplements
Murphy's Touch * Health also offers Professional Complementary Health Formulas - natural herbs, best supplments for your health and wellness by appointment and our hand made organic GreenMan Grooming products.

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