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Murphy's Touch * Health -
Would you like to;
       Discover what may be causing your health 
 Feel empowered, re-energized and inspired to   
                   move forward in your life?
 Reduce your stress and get a fresh wellness plan?
Lisa Murphy offers Touch for Health workshops, Professional Complementary Health Formulas and LIFE Biofeedback.
Holding both temporal and syncing the pulse will help to reduce a headache, Bodywork.
Contact Us  to schedule a 10 minute interview to ask us about how our services and products will assist you in achieving your goals.

How can I benefit?

               *Accelerate recovery from illness and injuries*
        *Reduce or eliminate many different kinds of pain such as 
                  headaches, backaches, and stomach aches*
                         *Prevent future health problems*
                         *Enhance athletic performance*
                   *Increase energy and counteract fatigue*
                   *Learn easy techniques to get out of pain*
*Be shown immediately which foods are undermining your energy or which nutritional supplements are best for you right now*

The freedom of wellness, bodywork, nutrition, biofeedback.
What can I expect?
Touch For Health education includes opportunities to experience the benefits of TFH while learning the synthesis.

LIFE biofeedback is a passive opportunity to "re-calibrate".

Emotional Stress Release, bodywork.
Want to enroll or schedule a telephone session?
          Call Lisa Murphy on (530)626-6789

 Remind me, what I can expect?
        *Reduced stress both physically and emotionally*
                *Increased movement and agility*
                         *Enhance your learning*
             *Improved overall health and well-being *
                 *More energy, clarity and vitality!*